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Backyard, by definition, is a yard at the rear of a house. Though to many of us, backyard means a lot more.


From childhood memories of swing sets, trampolines and catching fireflies.. to adulthood memories of barbeques, bonfires and pool parties.


Our backyard has given us many great memories, let us help you create many more in your backyard celebrations. Whether it be a glass of wine with dinner or one for a special occasion, we hope you will cherish every minute.


Backyard is a small, family owned vineyard located in the northwest corner of Missouri, just outside of Maryville. We broke ground the spring of 2008, planting the first grapevine after transforming the shallow valley from a tangled mess of trees and a growing junk pile into a beautiful acreage with three ponds intertwining five acres of vines.


In 2011, two additional ponds were created and another half acre of grapes were planted.


2015 was a very busy and exciting year for all of us as we produced our first wines and planted approximately one more acre of La Crescent in the spring.


Spring of 2017 we hosted the grand opening of our tasting room and are preparing our first fruit wines.


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